The New Mexico-based “Apache Junction” film opens on September 24th

“What appealed to me as a local is that this isn’t a typical Native American role with broken English,” Lee said. “Roscoe is very educated, he and Jericho have a long history.”

The film revolves around the friendship between Jericho Ford and Wasco. Wasco’s people nursed Jericho to health after Jericho was injured in a hunting accident that occurred on his way west after the Civil War. However, the army came in and wiped out all the people from Wasco, leaving only Wasco and Jericho who became best friends.

Danielle Gross plays a reporter who comes to town to cover the city’s history.

“A big city reporter comes to town to write a story about an outlaw city,” said Gross, “but because it’s an outlaw city, she needs the help of people like our hero Jericho Ford.”

Gross remarked that it was nice to play a wild female character and said, “It was great fun to go up against these men with strong personalities and to stand tit-for-tat.”

Apache Junction is one of many productions based in New Mexico, a place Lee is proud of, its potential.

“This is the place if you are in the world film industry with NBCUniversal and the support of the community,” said Lee. “I do not go anywhere.”

Filming began in New Mexico and ended to move to Joshua Tree National Park due to the pandemic. The crew followed the COVID-19 protocols while the film was being made.

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