The New Mexico man displays on his spouse’s life and legacy on Mom’s Day

Although his team lost, Trujillo said there are lessons to be learned. Trujillo is also learning through loss.

“You are planning things that you have never looked at before, right?” He said.

Outside of the basketball court, the same can be said of Trujillo’s life.

In February, Trujillo’s wife, Karen, stepped outside to take her dogs for a walk. Little did he know that she would never return.

“She’s been walking and within ten minutes I get a call from her father and he says Ben is going to Karen. Something is wrong, she doesn’t make sense,” he said. I get to the truck, I hear all these sirens and then is it really not good. “

Karen Trujillo, mother of three, was hit by a car and killed.

“It hurts my heart the most, the fact that my kids lost a mother and their parents lost a daughter because you see the pain, you know,” he said.

Karen was also a lifelong educator and someone who cared deeply for others.

“There was a press conference right after that and I specifically asked people to pray for the young man. As it turns out, I think he’s about 18 years old. And, you know, it’s an accident,” Trujillo said .

“The only regret I have is I wish I had said I would pray for his parents,” he added.

Trujillo said his wife’s legacy is about elevating people.

“I think for me it is your legacy that you help people rise up. You don’t get bigger and brighter by holding people down – you lift them up,” he said.

Karen will be remembered for her dedication to helping New Mexicans learn, and her teaching will continue to live on with those who continue to teach.

“When you can figure out how to keep moving forward when you face the adversity you face. I mean, you’re better off for it, ”said Trujillo.

“I think I like that. I think that’s the lesson it can teach kids,” he added.

The Las Cruces Public Schools Board decided last week to rename their administration building to Karen Trujillo.

Ben Trujillo also said they are working to raise funds in hopes of supporting higher education on Karen’s behalf.

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