The pork provider donates £ 41,000 to the Albuquerque Meals Financial institution

Posted: Apr 16, 2019 / 6:08 PM MDTUpdated: April 17, 2019 / 07:43 AM MDT

A global company has partnered with a local grocery chain to feed hungry New Mexicans.

Smithfield Foods, which describes itself as the world’s largest pork producer, has traveled the country helping food banks.

They stopped in Albuquerque on Tuesday and worked with Lowe’s supermarkets to donate £ 41,000 of products to the Roadrunner Food Bank.

“It’s huge, it’s a huge donation in and of itself, and the fact that everything is protein is amazing because we just don’t get that much at once, hardly ever,” said Andrea Nash, spokeswoman for the Roadrunner Food Bank .

The Roadrunner Food Bank feeds around 70,000 New Mexicans every week.

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