The property market in Albuquerque continues to increase

“A good number of offers for us is 4,500-5,000. So if I go to the MLS we have and they just open them under the influence of single-family homes, I have 995 homes for sale,” said John Lopez, real estate agent in Albuquerque .

He said if a home buyer looks specifically at Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, there are only 650 homes available.

“Even if the price is aggressive and looks good, you have multiple offers,” said Lopez.

Many people from densely populated and expensive cities make New Mexico their homes. Industry giants like Netflix are also putting Albuquerque in the spotlight, disadvantaging locals who want a piece of home ownership.

“With retail prices rising as they are, it will be more difficult for these first-time buyers than it was two years ago,” said Lopez.

Good news – building permits are also on the rise. Lopez said 2,000 were spent last year and 3,000 more are on tap for 2021.

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