The state police chief discusses a month-long crime mission in Albuquerque

New Mexico State Police Chief Tim Johnson said when his officers got the call, they did not hesitate to step in.

“Citizens are exhausted, they are done with this violent crime,” said Johnson. “As recipients of their taxpayers’ money, we have to find out how we can make it safer for them.”

Chief Johnson said his agency focused on four key areas in the Albuquerque Metro area: arresting violent criminals, driving aggressively on I-25 and I-40, drugs, and car theft.

“We had 93 arrests for serious criminal offenses, and 58 of those were people with a violent history in their criminal background,” said Johnson. Not only that, Johnson said Albuquerque had seen fewer casualties with injuries and officials made 21 DWI arrests.

NMSP officials were also responsible for 15 drug seizures and seized huge amounts of potentially dangerous narcotics.

“It looks like four or five hundred fentanyl tablets have been confiscated,” Johnson said, adding that he was very grateful for the work his officials have done.

“I’m very proud of the men and women who make up this organization, who have been asked time and time again to do things outside of their home and family sometimes, and they say yes and go to do the best job possible.”

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