The trial of a person accused of killing the Albuquerque teenager will rely on the bullet

Lawyers said the news from the party spread like wildfire on social media.

“When the alcohol, the cocaine, the marijuana is consumed, you will hear that one of the girls there actually has seizures, she is so impaired,” said Nicole Moss, Garcia’s lawyer.

The trial will revolve around the chaos of multiple riflemen and multiple guns – and when there’s unequivocal evidence that the only bullet that killed Markey was Garcia or not.

Prosecutors said a warped bullet was evidence that the bullet ricocheted off the concrete and ricocheted into Markey’s back, and the angle of the ricochet pointed directly at Garcia.

“If you’ve ever played sports, if you’ve ever been a goalkeeper in football, you know angles are everything, right?” Deputy Public Prosecutor said John Duran.

However, the defense said that if Markey was shot, it would have to be seated for that trajectory to work. A witness said Markey was shot while fleeing, not sitting down.

The testimony of a crime scene reconstructor will be crucial.

Marky’s loved ones will wait and watch to see what justice looks like when this trial ends next week.

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