The Weekly Case: 10-year-old Albuquerque boy begins his personal newspaper

How did he come up with The Weekly Case?

“I was just thinking of detective cases and I thought I can’t do this every day. So yes!”

Xion’s mother, Woz Flint, said he was doing different projects all the time.

“I thought, okay, we are going to do that today,” she said. “So I thought we’d just roll it over.”

“I thought this was going to be just a one-topic gag and then that was it,” said Xion.

Months later, Xion’s visit is the best part of the week in his neighborhood.

“He’s super outgoing and outgoing,” said Xion’s father, Russ Flint. “I don’t know where he got it from…. he loves to draw, loves to read and write, so it made sense to do a newspaper with illustrations. “

Some issues focus on crime, and most even include weather reports. After a tough 2020, there is also an article with a view into the new year.

“As parents we have a vision and a direction, but I have to like to step back and just let him do what he wants,” said Woz.

Each issue has an ad, an advice column and even a fun fact.

“Everything he does just picks up speed and it’s really amazing to see the community gather around him and make these things happen,” said Russ.

At the end of third grade, Xion was supposed to host a talent show, but the pandemic thwarted those plans.

“It was just one of those ideas again, where it was like that, we can do it, we just do it in the backyard,” said Woz. “I thought maybe 20 people are great, like actors and guests.”

The small event turned into a huge talent show with a sound system, cooking area and prizes donated by local businesses.

“It’s just so great to see these people come out to support me,” said Xion.

The Weekly Case now has 24 issues.

The readership has grown from dozens to about a hundred, including online subscribers.

“He inspires me all the time and we are so proud of him,” said Woz.

Xion plans to release by at least 50 issues or by the end of the year.

“I don’t expect this idea to end or die out anytime soon,” said Xion.

Another topic will appear on Friday. To be added to the mailing list, send an email to Xion at [email protected]

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