Tree rescue competitors returns to Albuquerque

“These people work for private companies, small businesses, big corporations, they work for cities, towns like the city of Albuquerque. We have people from the city of Denver, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, but they’re all professionals.” Arborist, ”said Dana Coelho, former president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture.

40 participants from New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana took part in the championship.

“These are the best professional athletes in the tree care industry in our chapter, and they come here to take part in five different events over two days to see who is the fastest, who is the safest, who is the smoothest in the tree,” said Coelho.

Yesterday’s event was a speed competition. The goal – to see how fast you can make it to the top of the 22-meter tree

“It’s really exciting. My favorite part is the camaraderie, and you can see all of these people who you love to climb and who you love to hang out with,” said Aneesa Winn, competitive tree climber.

Winn said it was a great way to hone her skills while competing against her fellow tree climbers in the tree care industry.

“So for us it’s really for learning and also for sharing knowledge and information, and then it’s also cool because we have the public who see what we do every day, and that’s nice for them too”, said profit.

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