Volunteers wanted in Albuquerque for varied initiatives

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – The pandemic has gotten a lot of things under control, but now that New Mexico opens up again, there are opportunities for people to help their community too. The city of Albuquerque said there are a lot of local organizations out there that need additional help and organizations are eager to get people back to volunteer work.

The East Gate Church in front of Juan Tabo and Copper operates a pantry. Volunteers help deliver the packages to outdoor cars. “It’s a very strenuous job, especially because you’re unloading boxes, unloading a truck full of groceries, and then repackaging and distributing it to the cars,” said Gabrielle Wheeler, Quality and Support director for East Gate Church.

You are one of many organizations on the Albuquerque City Volunteers website looking for additional help. “Yes, we have many urgent volunteer needs,” said Nick Vottero, CABQ Civic Coordinator. The city said volunteering was affected by the pandemic. They said when the facilities had to close the need for staff just wasn’t there but they hope it will get back on its feet soon.

“Now that we’re starting to open up again and our county is getting back to normal,” said Vottero. “The volunteer programs across the city really need more support.”

The city said it has at least 500 options in everything from helping with PPE packing to literacy programs, animal welfare and even cake baking. The non-profit organization ‘For Goodness Cakes’ is looking for people who can help bake cakes for the care and homeless. “There is something special about taking a few hours to help someone in your community and let them know how special they are and how happy you are here and want to celebrate,” said Brittany Puckett of For Goodness Cakes .

East Gate Church said using the city’s volunteer website helped keep their pantry from closing. “We had about 15 to 20 volunteers who showed up about the ad,” Wheeler said. They hope that the locals can give up some of their time to give something back to our community.

“The volunteer programs across the city really need more support,” said Vottero. “It’s really in line with the One Albuquerque Mission. We’re all in it, we’re all part of this solution to make Albuquerque safer, more inclusive, and more innovative. ”

If you’d like to volunteer but don’t like to do it in person, there are a few ways you can help virtually.

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