Well being inspectors in Albuquerque determine frequent violations associated to COVID

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Albuquerque Health Inspectors watch out for companies that violate state health regulations. In doing so, they find that some rules are violated far more often than others, from problems with masks to soda fountains.

Inspectors hit nearly 40 companies just last week, according to a recent report released by the Albuquerque Department of Environment. Around a quarter of these companies are having problems, including retailers, food companies and hotels.

CABQ COVID inspection report November 23-29

“Certainly, by and large, it is mask compliance,” said Dr. Mark DiMenna, assistant director, Albuquerque Environmental Health Department. “Whether it’s the customers, the customers don’t wear masks and are reported by other people who come by or are customers, but in many cases that’s exactly what keeps the people you know working in these all day they sag or they drag them down because they don’t like the way they breathe. “

Mask problems occurred four times in the last round of inspection. One of the specific issues inspectors found was the lack of signs of mask requirements for employees wearing masks under their noses.

All violations are now summarized in the city’s weekly “COVID Inspections Report”. The newer weekly compilation is designed to clearly identify COVID compliance issues in businesses across the city.

Another common problem was soda fountain. Last week, inspectors found four grocery stores in Albuquerque where customers could still use self-serve soda fountains. Inspectors stopped the practice at the Jimmy Johns and Five Guys Burgers near Paseo and I25, as well as the subway restaurants on 98th Street and near San Mateo and I-40. The city says these types of raids are often based on complaints.

The district of San Miguel meets the criteria for “yellow”, the district of Los Alamos now meets the criteria for “red”.

“We see a lot of it because we were looking for it,” DiMenna said. “We have tried to do this wherever we feel that there is a category of compliance or a group of things that are not compliant. We try to narrow them down and look at those places, let them know what to do, in most cases they will fix it right away. “

Another notable violation occurred at the Howard Johnson Hotel near Lomas and I-25. According to the city’s latest report, inspectors had to close the hotel’s pool and write, “Public health regulations require that all“ outdoor recreational facilities ”, including swimming pools and“ recreational facilities in close contact ”, be closed or remain closed. “

. Of all the recent violations, the city’s health inspectors have not closed or penalized any stores.

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