Will New Mexico attain its reopening aim on time?

State data shows that 57.9% of eligible people in New Mexico were fully vaccinated on Monday. To reach 60% in less than four days, New Mexico will need to vaccinate more than it has seen since early May.

Over the past three weeks, the number of people fully vaccinated has increased more slowly – about 1 to 2 percent per week. To hit the target in time, New Mexico would have to grow more than 2 percent by Thursday night, a rate it hasn’t reached in a month.

At the pace of recent weeks, the state would hit its 60% target by June 25, delaying full reopening until July 9

The state has increased its incentives to encourage more vaccinations. People will get $ 100 for their second or only Johnson and Johnson vaccination Monday through Thursday, and the state will send $ 1 million to each county, increasing the percentage of people fully vaccinated by 10%. increases before the clock strikes midnight on Thursday night.

The map for each county for vaccination completed shows that most of the lowest rates are in southeastern New Mexico.

Roosevelt is the lowest at 28%. In the more densely populated areas, Eddy County is 35%, while Chavez and Lee Counties are 37%.

Eddy County’s leaders say they worked hard to get firearms.

“We try to encourage anyone and everyone to get vaccinated and try to provide the opportunity,” said Allen Davis, manager of Eddy County.

Davis stressed that getting the vaccine is a choice and that many people still choose not to.

He also brought up the fact that many people have traveled to Texas to get vaccinated. New Mexico health officials previously said they often fail to count these people in state totals.

Executives in southeastern counties told KOB 4 on Monday that they felt they had given their residents every opportunity to get vaccinated. They have hosted events and will continue to do so. Many have the feeling that in just four days there is not much they can do on such short notice.

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