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February 6, 2021

The third annual One ABQ: Youth Job and Volunteer Fair took place today at Mayor Tim Keller’s One Albuquerque: Youth Connect, where the fair was held virtually for the first time. This year, participants ages 14-25 had online access to a fun job placement quiz and mock interviews, live courses on professionalism and live interview opportunities for jobs in the city. Almost 970 young people registered for the virtual fair and took part in the job placement quiz. 125 took part in Zoom interviews.

“This annual job fair is important not only to help the city youth find work and study opportunities, but also to help us support youth programs – the same programs that parents, who were important workers who provided a lifeline, ”he said to Mayor Tim Keller. “The pandemic may have changed the format of the fair this year, but our commitment to helping families and creating opportunities for youth hasn’t changed.”

To date, the participants had registered for the fair, accessed learning materials, filled out applications and held interviews. They could also take the job placement quiz, which guided applicants to jobs that best suited their personalities. Videos on how to apply for a job in the city were made available in English, Spanish and Swahili, produced by Together for Brothers in collaboration with the city.

Today, Youth Connect hosted live zoom interviews with applicants and provided mock interview opportunities for anyone looking to practice their skills and get feedback. The live zoom breakout sessions covered guidelines for drug testing, professionalism in the workplace, using Workforce Solutions tools for career research, and money management.

“We have had so many of our youth programs and events running successfully since the pandemic began, and we knew we could find a way to keep this important job fair going,” said Cristin Chavez, Head of Family and Community Services. Blacksmith. “We were able to continue reaching young people from all areas to take advantage of past job fairs, now with some new extras such as the job placement quiz.”

This year’s virtual job fair attracted a diverse group of youngsters from across the city. Approximately 54% of the registrants were identified as Hispanic or Latin American, 18% as White or Caucasian, 8% as Native American, 4% as Black or African American, 2% as Asian, and 10% as two or more races. In addition, 58% of adolescents identified themselves as female, 38% as male and around 1.5% as non-binary.

To fill the internet access void, the city has offered free outdoor hotspots across Albuquerque. Visit to see locations with WiFi on Wheels, WiFi in Neighborhoods, and WiFi in Parks programs that provide access to the Albuquerque Housing Authority as well as internet access with mobile WiFi units at APS schools and outside of urban facilities, neighborhoods and selected public parks in areas with particular digital needs offer. In addition, the city released a series of instructional videos to help teens connect to the city’s free Wi-Fi hotspots, available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Vietnamese – the most widely spoken languages ​​in Albuquerque, based on last US census data. The videos can be found on the Office of Equity and Inclusion website, the city’s YouTube page, and on Gov TV.

To meet the need for transportation to work and school, the city announced this week that bus fares are free for all students under the age of 25.

Since the beginning of his tenure, Mayor Keller has led an expansion of the youth program, including youth recruitment and volunteers in the city. Although the 2020 public health emergency changed many things, the city continued to advocate for families and important workers by offering 42 personal programs with 59,460 participants in 202 locations and 28 virtual programs with 18,119 participants. In the summer of 2020, the city hired 875 youth workers and offered 130 internships.

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