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Myths about certain animals will be debunked on April 1st at the ABQ BioPark Zoo during “Animal Myths Discovery Day”.

During “Animal Myths Discovery Day” at the ABQ BioPark Zoo, the lecturers will shed light on the common myths associated with certain animals such as gorillas. (Courtesy of the City of Albuquerque)

“At this event, our volunteers will set up a number of discovery stations and these stations will allow the public to walk around and learn the facts and myths about animals they cover,” said Audrey Lenzi, the zoo’s science education coordinator. “For example, someone will be with the hippos. The myth is that hippos have sweat blood, so a lot of people think, “Oh my god, what is that? Do you sweat blood? ‘… They excrete an ointment from their skin and it is said to be red. It helps the hippopotamus; It helps your skin so that it doesn’t get sunburned from the sun. It is a liquid, thick substance that covers your body and acts like a natural sunscreen for you, protection. “

Volunteers will talk about common myths that every animal is involved in, including the fact that elephants are afraid of mice. Another common myth is that polar bears live in Antarctica and near the South Pole. The truth is that polar bears live in arctic areas of the northern hemisphere, according to the Albuquerque city events page.

In front of the exhibition areas there will be around 10 stations with around 10 animals, including elephants, lions, rhinos, Tasmanian devils, hippos, gorillas, hyenas, capybaras and chimpanzees. Some stations have what the zoo calls biofacts. These are practical objects that can range from replicas of skulls and hands to animal skins.

“It’s all around the zoo and the volunteers know about these animals so the public can ask questions they may have and hopefully see the animal doing something active,” Lenzi said. Sometimes they sleep. When it’s cooler, they are more active. “

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Longtime zoo volunteer John Holmes is helping Lenzi coordinate the event.

“He’s the one who’s been doing it here for a while, like he’s helping me coordinate it. I think it was a little bit of his passion,” said Lenzi. “… He’s been doing this for a long time and brings everyone along. It makes a lot of fun.”

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